Artigos de Investigação

Massagem ao bebé

Bárbara Figueiredo

Departamento de Psicologia. Universidade do Minho

Apresenta-se uma revisão da investigação desenvolvida no âmbito da massagem e da estimulação táctil-cinestésica ao bebé. Descrevem-se os estudos empíricos conduzidos no sen­tido de avaliar os efeitos no desenvolvimento, no bem-estar e em problemas específicos do bebé de termo e prematuro. Conclui-se a respeito do impacto positivo da massagem sobre a criança, os pais e na interacção entre ambos; nomeadamente porque beneficia dois objectivos primordiais dos cuidados de saúde do bebé prematuro: o ganho de peso e a redução dos dias de internamento em Unidade de cuidados intensivos neo­natais.

Palavras-chave: bebé, prematuridade, estimulação táctil e cinestésica, massagem.

Acta Pedíatr Port 2007;38(1):29-38

Infant Massage improves mother-infant interaction for mothers with postnatal depression

Research Report from the Journal of Affective Disorders 63 (2001) 201-207 Katsuno onozawa, Vivette Glover, Diana Adams, Neena Modi, R. Chnni Kumar


Background: Postnatal depression can have long term consequenees for the mother-infant relationship and the infant' s development. Improving a mother' s depression per se has been found to have little impaet on mother-infant interaetion. The aims ofthis study were to determine whether attending regular massage classes could reduee maternal depression and also improve the quality of mother­infant interaction.

Method: Thirty-four primiparous depre~sed mothers, median 9 weeks postpartum, identified as being depressed following completion ofthe Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Seale (EPDS) at 4 weeks postpartum, were randomly alloeated either to an infant massage class and a support group (massage group) or to a support group (control group). Eaeh group attended for five weekly sessions. Changes in maternal depression and mother-infant interaetion were assessed at the beginning and theend ofthe study by comparing EPDS se ores and ratings ofvideotaped mother-infant interaetion.

Results: The EPDS seores fell in both groups. Significant improvement ofhigh dropout. It was not possible to distinguish whieh aspects ofthe infant massage class contributed to the benefit.

Conclusion: This study suggests that learning the praetice of infant massage by mothers is an effective treatment for faeilitating mother-infant interaetion in mothers with postnatal depression.

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